Custom Jewelry Designed to Capture Attention

We are your partner in creating compelling custom jewelry. Together, let’s build your business’s reputation — and profitability.

Our custom jewelry design empowers you to differentiate yourself, creating excitement. When you work with our team of jewelry design professionals, the results are nothing short of stunning. We will help you maintain the balance between change and everlasting appeal.

Custom Jewelry Design Gallery

Jewelry retailers engage in a daily balancing act: they must offer their customers pieces that will stand the test of time. Pieces worthy of becoming treasured heirlooms. At the same time, they need to keep up with the technological advances and disruptive trends that drive the industry. Thus, change is just as much a part of the jewelry industry as timelessness.

K. Rosengart’s expert team is proud to be your “in-house diamond department,” a trusted partner that helps you leverage technology, tools, and, always, the finest materials in order to entice your customers with appealing pieces. To this end, our comprehensive range of services include custom jewelry design.

Whether you need assistance in capturing an amorphous vision on paper or through CAD software or you have selective clients who demand intriguing, one-of-a-kind masterpieces, we have the experience, creative drive, and technical ability to complete your project to your specifications. Meeting your expectations is not good enough; we aim to exceed them.

Your custom designs can be brought to glittering, gorgeous life with our deep inventory of melee diamonds and loose stones of varying sizes and colors. Together, we can create engagement rings with dazzling halo settings that launch couples on an auspicious path; decadent pieces in pavé settings that will give them new reasons to fall in love; heartfelt pendants, bracelets, and other styles that recipients value for decades. The possibilities are endless, and you can achieve them all with K. Rosegart.

Technology does play a significant role in the jewelry market: through online sources and social media sites, customers see that there is much more out there than they ever thought. It stokes the imagination. The desire. The longing for something unique, special — for a piece that is completely them.

At the same time, those pieces are completely you.