Diamond Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell larger stones as well as melee?

Absolutely.  We offer larger GIA Certified stones alongside our extensive melee diamond inventory.

How much does shipping cost?

Depending on where we’re shipping the order, the price can vary.

Are there minimum orders?

No – we do not have minimums. We can ship you one stone or thousands of carats.

How do you ship the goods?

Most orders are shipped via armored courier if needed. Our system will send you an automated email that allows for you to check delivery status.

Do you sell colored stones?

Yes. We offer colored melee as well as larger stones.
Click here to check out our color guide.

Where do K. Rosengart diamonds come from?

Our supplier – a Belgian site holder – has stated that +/- 80% of the rough we receive from them comes from three primary rough producers with whom they have contractual arrangements: 1) De Beers – goods are a blend of Botswana, South Africa, Canada, and Namibia rough, 2) Alrosa – Russian rough, and 3) Rio Tinto – Canadian rough. The balance comes from smaller mining houses such as Grib (Russia), Petra (South Africa), Mountain Province (Canada), and a few others. Of course, with the system of warranties, we always guarantee conflict-free goods. The Belgian site holder’s manufacturing facility is located in southeast India, in a city called Coimbatore. All associated global entities are audited on a yearly basis by external organizations, such as the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), to ensure that the site holder is in fact a leading example when it comes to ethical standards, sustainability, and human rights.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes.  We currently offer this service to all our clients.  If you bought the stone from us we’ll give you a trade-in value.  Not our stone?  Send it in and we’ll make you an offer free of charge.

I am working on a piece that takes several sizes, can I have the goods on memo?

Yes – we will provide the needed sizes and extra stones so you can finish your job without needing to swap out stones and having production delays.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes – we accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX & Discover.