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Colored Gemstones, Rubies & Sapphires Wholesale

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While diamonds are prized for their brilliant colorless appearance, nature provides a full and rich spectrum from which to choose. Precious gems enhance the beauty of unlimited custom designs, appealing to your customers’ desire for unique pieces while allowing exceptional flexibility in your margins.

Color Is the New Black:

The demand for colored stones is growing as the upscale and luxury jewelry market continues to trend upward. As a premier colored gemstone wholesale supplier, K Rosengart offers an inventory with unparalleled breadth and depth to ensure your design vision is fully realized.

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Your Trusted Ruby & Sapphire Melee Wholesale Supplier

In addition to larger goods, we specialize in high quality ruby and sapphire melee. Following rigorous and stringent procedures, the K Rosengart team is able to match color and size to your exact specifications.

Whether you are creating an intricate halo design with the unexpected addition of dazzling color, completing a custom order for an anniversary band, or creating stunning statement earrings, we have the colored gemstones stones you need to bring them to life with incredible vibrancy.

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Colored Gemstones, Rubies and Sapphires Wholesale

Colored Gemstone; Wholesale Diamond Supply

Integrating colored gemstones and ruby and sapphire melee into your offerings can help you reach new customers – and entice existing customers seeking new designs. K Rosengart is committed to meeting your every specification, and every expectation, to the letter.

Created By Nature; Supplied By K Rosengart

K Rosengart is proud to serve as your in-house diamond department; rest assured that we bring the same level of service and quality to our colored gemstone selection. Our expert team can assist you with everything from the meticulous fulfillment of even the most complex orders to capturing designs via CAD technology to rendering finished pieces.

Explore the full spectrum of colored gemstones – and discover the many possibilities they have in store. Contact K. Rosengart today. 

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