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Ideal Diamond Melee of Unparalleled Quality

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Creations of outstanding beauty and elegance begin with the finest materials. They begin here.

We specialize in diamond melee of unsurpassed quality. Our in-house experts execute each order with meticulous care, ensuring you receive diamonds that meet your exact specifications. No rejections. No simulated stones. No lab-grown imposters. Just the highest quality melee in the industry. This is our promise to you.

Whether you need several precision cut stones to complete an intricate custom-designed halo engagement ring or you are interested in wholesale melee diamonds to create a wide array of pieces, the K. Rosengart team draws on an incredible depth of inventory — and expertise — to deliver promptly, precisely, and consistently. With a large range of qualities and price points, you can be confident you are purchasing exceptional diamonds.

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Small Stones: Incredible Impact

Ideal diamond melee is cut with the same exquisite craftsmanship as the finest full size diamonds; with 57 facets, each of which is polished to mirror-like perfect to ensure maximum fire and sparkle, every diamond — no matter its size — will make a striking addition to your collection. Melee is an integral component in any jeweler’s repertoire:

Create stunning halo settings in engagement rings and other pieces.
Tie together detailed patterns and accents.
Repair chipped stones or replace lost diamonds.

These small — but mighty — diamonds add more than shine to your pieces; its value, and versatility, enables you to respond to consumer trends with the greatest flexibility and to optimize profit margins. Given the fierce competition and elevated costs associated with the jewelry world, you need an edge.

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Our selection of brilliant .001 – .18 carat stones is industry-leading. There is only one reason why we perform to such exacting standards. One reason why we cut our diamonds with laser-sharp precision and sort all stones under a microscope. One reason why we do everything in-house. You.

Creations of outstanding beauty and elegance begin with you. And they begin here.

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