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Unlock the beauty, mystery, and promise of hearts & arrows diamonds.

The key to optimizing a diamond’s beauty is in the cutting. In skilled hands, a “diamond in the rough” reveals ultimate fire, brilliance, and scintillation. And it can reveal an intriguing hearts & arrows pattern. The ultimate symbol of undying love, these unique diamonds are highly sought-after by consumers – and they can play an important role in expanding brand’s potential.

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Brilliant Becomes Extraordinary

Thanks to precise cutting and polishing techniques that originated in Japan, a brilliant cut diamond can exhibit an intricate pattern of eight symmetrical hearts (when viewed from the pavilion) and eight symmetrical arrows (when viewed from the crown) through a specialized scope.

The K. Rosengart team sets the highest standards for our hearts & arrows diamond supply. Symmetry, quality, beauty, and versatility are the hallmarks of these stones, and our in-house experts will never let an inferior specimen escape into your order. You can then pass on this reassurance and value to your customers.

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Hearts and Arrows Diamond Wholesale Supply

Freedom and Flexibility

Choosing to fill your needs through our extensive wholesale hearts & arrows diamond supply empowers you to create and/or deliver stunning pieces that perfectly capture the sentiments buyers want to share.

Quality among hearts & arrows diamonds differs dramatically; patterns can be asymmetrical, blurry, and indistinct. As your trusted in-house diamond department, we are committed to delivering the most clear, dazzling diamonds. That promise is no different when it comes to hearts & arrows.

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