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Brilliant Diamond Insurance

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Brilliant Diamond Insurance

Insurance For Brilliant Diamonds

When you invest in a piece of jewelry, you want to make sure it is protected, giving you
peace of mind of knowing if anything happens to it, it can be fixed or replaced. That’s where
we come in. K. Rosengart offers lifetime jewelry protection plans in addition to diamond and
gemstone protection.

Our lifetime jewelry protection plan includes protection from normal wear and tear, such as:
– Bent, broken, or worn prongs
– Broken chains, bracelets, and earrings
– Broken or missing clasps
– Dented or distorted jewelry

The diamond and gemstone protection plan covers things like chipped, broken, or missing
center and accent diamonds or gemstones.

What is normal wear? It is damage that occurs from use as intended. The types of damage
that aren’t covered are misuse or abuse, like jewelry dropped down the garbage disposal or
run over by a car. The same thing goes for jewelry damaged by chemical cleaning agents or
jewelry with the prongs bent back, sheared off, or showing signs of tampering or stone

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