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CAD Diamond Jewelry

We go far to serve you: in addition to supplying the gemstones, we can bring your vision to reality by creating CAD designs and manufacturing the jewelry piece from start to finish.

CAD Custom Jewlery

CAD Jewelry Design Services

At K. Rosengart we provide CAD (computer aided design) services to bring your designs to
life. We take visions of your idea whether it’s a drawing, inspirational picture, or heirloom
piece and create a three-dimensional jewelry design using CAD. Not sure you love your
design? We have the ability to show you a wax model before production for your approval.

Already have a CAD? We can take your design off the screen; we can print, cast and finish
the piece including supplying the diamonds.

As diamond sourcing and setting experts, we’re often asked to help with very special
engagement rings. We’ve designed and crafted thousands of rings for friends and family (and
friends of friends of family.) As word of mouth has spread, we’ve decided to offer this service
to new friends and followers too.

If you are looking for a special engagement ring and haven’t found the one yet, you might be
surprised to discover how easy it is to commission the perfect ring with our help. Our process
starts with finding you a very special diamond. We comb the market looking for rare and
unusually beautiful gems. As diamond dealers, we have access to the very best the world has
to offer, including rare antique cuts, large fine diamonds, rare precious gems, and unusually
well-crafted diamonds.

Once we find the perfect gem for you, we’ll design your ring in CAD, creating a three-
dimensional virtual ring that we’ll use to print the model for casting in precious metals. You can review the model before we cast it (and even try it on) so you will see exactly what your
ring will look like before we make it. We’ll advise you every step of the way to make sure
you’ll love the ring forever.

Then we’ll craft your ring, meeting the highest standards of quality, using the same skilled
goldsmiths (or platinumsmiths) who create custom rings for Fifth Avenue jewelers. Why
purchase a mass-produced engagement ring from a store or an online retailer when you can
have a bespoke ring that’s exactly what you want with a one-of-a-kind gem?

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