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According to the Gemological Institute of America, Inc. (GIA), more than 200,000 carats of HPHT melee lab grown diamonds are produced every month. Get peace of mind as to the authenticity of your diamonds with K. Rosengart’s diamond analysis service. Our melee diamond experts are able to detect CVD and HPHT lab made diamonds using a state-of-the-art, probe-free, professional diamond tester.

Natural diamonds that have been color-enhanced through the HPHT process are identified as real diamonds, while lab grown diamonds created through the HPHT process are identified as synthetic diamonds. (Yes, we can spot the difference. Our diamond analysis is just that good! In fact, it’s so good that 99% of melee lab grown diamonds in the world can be detected by our diamond tester.)

Wondering how to tell if a mounted diamond is real? K. Rosengart’s diamond analysis service can do that, too! Our cutting-edge diamond tester can verify the authenticity of mounted, bagged, or loose diamonds.

The Solution to Synthetic Mixing

In some areas of the diamond market, synthetic diamonds are being mixed into loose melee diamond parcels. This infiltration of man made diamonds into the melee diamond supply has many in the jewelry industry concerned that buying diamond melee has become a game of chance. K. Rosengart’s diamond analysis service alleviates these authenticity concerns, so you can feel confident your diamond melee is natural.

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There is some confusion in the jewelry industry, as people often use CVD to describe all man made diamonds. However, there are two techniques for growing synthetic diamonds: CVD and HPHT. In larger diamond sizes, you will find both CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds. In melee diamond sizes, you will find that 99% of the lab made diamonds are grown using the HPHT method.

K. Rosengart focuses its diamond analysis service on the detection of colorless and near colorless CVD and HPHT lab grown diamonds.

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