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Our diamond analysis service ensures authenticity, so you can feel confident your diamond melee is 100% natural.

Diamond Analysis Service

Diamond Analysis Services

At K. Rosengart we pride ourselves on selling only 100% natural diamond melee. With the M-Screen 4.0 and the Sherlock Holmes testers, we can assure our clients they are only purchasing 100% natural diamonds.

The M-Screen 4.0 is a sophisticated, high-tech screening device developed especially for large amounts of diamond melee. It automatically feeds, screens, and sorts round brilliant diamonds at a super speed of 3 diamonds per second(up to 15,000 per hour). The technology behind the screening is highly secure, accurately separating natural diamonds from simulated and potential laboratory-grown diamonds.

The Sherlock Holmes detector does it all! The Sherlock Holmes is designed to separate
all sizes of loose and mounted natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds in the D-K color
range. It also separates loose CZ, moissanite, synthetic diamond coated CZ.

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  • Are all of your diamonds tested to ensure they 100% natural?

    Yes, all of our diamonds go through the M Screening process, and as a secondary measure, they are tested with the Yehuda Sherlock Holmes tester.

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