Diamond Cutting & Repair Services

Precision. Patience. Skill. Attention to detail. Steady hands and a methodical mind.

The best diamond cutters in the world combine these qualities with cutting-edge technology in order to reveal the true beauty of the stones with which they work. When your reputation hinges on the quality of your products, there is only one choice: K. Rosengart diamond cutting services position you for optimal results.

The Science and Art of Diamond Cutting

Cutting is a complex, time-consuming, and intensive process that transforms rough diamonds into faceted gemstones. Whether you need a ¼ point diamond, a ½ carat diamond, or a diamond matched exactly to another stone, you can rest assured that the consistency of our cutting remains the same. Our experienced professionals deliver the best cut possible — without fail.

In addition to rough diamond cutting, repair services are available at K Rosengart. If you need to repair a chipped, cracked, or abraded diamond, our expert cutters can help you in your diamond repair by applying advanced re-cutting techniques. Recutting can also help you maximize brilliance or breathe new life into an old cut.

Unsurpassed Skill

Diamond cutting is an extremely demanding field; diamonds are not only hard to cut, they are difficult to cut. Poorly executed cutting emphasizes subpar color, emphasizes internal flaws, and can even split or crack the stone. Diamonds are a significant investment; you must put them in the right hands — experienced hands that are guided by a rigorously-trained mind.

We work exclusively with cutters who have demonstrated both their skill and their consistency. They have been duly trained in the industry, where they have learned — and mastered — the intricacies of this highly specialized work. We do not accept anything less than excellence because you do not deserve anything less than excellence.

K Rosengart’s expert diamond cutting services enable you to offer your customers products and pieces they will treasure.

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