Diamond Setting and Polishing Services

In the ultra-competitive world of jewelry, time is of the essence. Transforming raw materials into stunning, highly sought-after pieces is the first piece of the puzzle: doing this in a streamlined manner is another. With K. Rosengart’s renowned diamond setting and polishing services, you complete the picture: expeditious delivery of gorgeous, finished pieces, ready to meet your customers’ highest expectations.

CAD Design Diamond Setting and Polishing Diamonds

When you order melee or assorted loose stones, our in-house GIA-certified diamond specialists carry out each step of the process with meticulous care. Adhering to rigorous standards ensures that you receive diamonds that meet your exact specifications. We go even further to deliver exceptional experiences. By entrusting us to set and polish your diamonds, you save time and achieve optimal results.

Simply send us your CAD design or castings. Our expert team will select the diamonds and/or other gemstones needed to complete the piece. We then set, polish, and finish it for you, bringing your concept to beautiful fruition.

Whether your design calls for elaborate pavé bands or intricate halo settings, you can be confident that it will be executed with the utmost precision. Setting and polishing diamonds is one more value-added service that K. Rosengart is honored to provide to our esteemed clients.

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