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Diamond Sorting

Our experts follow GIA’s strict standards when it comes to purity and color and pride ourselves to sticking to it.

Diamond Sorting and Analysis

Melee Diamond Sorting

At K. Rosengart, we pride ourselves on having the most precise loose diamond sorting
process in the industry. Our team of GIA graduate gemologists follow GIA’s strict standards
of diamond grading when it comes to the 4C’s.

Every single diamond in your order will meet your needs and specifications. Our inventory is
sorted by size (within .05mm tolerance). We carry three color categories: G+, H, I/J. Within
each color we offer multiple clarity options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you follow GIA grading standards?

    Yes, we do. Our diamond department team are all GIA Graduate Gemologists.

  • Can I order a specific color instead of a range?

    Yes, we can sort to your specific requirements

  • Do you sort for Fluorescence?

    Yes, when requested

  • How strict is your mm tolerance?

    .05 +/- mm

What Our Clients Are Saying

“K. Rosengart has phenomenal, ideal-cut diamond melee that they sell both to the trade AND to the hobbyists and consumers without onerous minimum order requirements. The melee I have gotten from K. Rosengart has been top quality and better priced than what I could get even from manufacturers in China.”
– Lynn A

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