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Finally! A Diamond Melee Supplier Who Meets Your Exact Specifications

Creations of outstanding beauty and elegance begin with the finest materials, and the finest materials are held to strict standards. Therefore, to create diamond melee jewelry of outstanding beauty and elegance, you need a supplier who upholds strict standards, one who consistently meets your specific tolerance in size. You need K. Rosengart.

We specialize in supplying diamond melee of unsurpassed quality. Our in-house experts execute each order with meticulous care, ensuring you purchase and receive stones that meet your exact specifications. No rejections. No simulations. No lab-grown imposters. Just the highest quality diamond melee in the industry. This is our promise to you.

Whether you need to purchase several precision cut stones to complete an intricate, custom-designed halo engagement melee ring, or you are interested in buying wholesale melee diamonds to create a wide array of jewelry pieces, the K. Rosengart team draws upon an incredible depth of inventory — and expertise — to deliver promptly, precisely, and consistently. With a large range of qualities and price points, you can be confident you are purchasing exceptional, accurately sized diamonds according to your tolerance preferences.

Melee Diamonds Wholesale: Why Choose K. Rosengart

A message from Karen Rosengart, Founder & CEO

What are melee diamonds? The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) defines melee as small diamonds weighing less than 0.2 carats (ct). At K. Rosengart, our diamond melee can weigh as little as 0.002 ct and as much as 0.3 ct. When you order diamond melee online with us, you can easily select your preferred carat weight and diamond MM size from a drop-down menu.

In addition to different weights and sizes, melee diamonds can come in various cuts. Here at K. Rosengart, our focus is on supplying precision cut and ideal cut diamond melee.

Ideal diamond melee is cut with the same exquisite craftsmanship as the finest full-size diamonds; with 57 facets, each of which is polished to mirror-like perfect to ensure maximum fire and sparkle, every diamond — no matter its size — will make a striking addition to your collection.

The technically advanced precision and ideal cuts in which we specialize speak to our passion for providing diamonds of unparalleled quality.

Melee Diamonds Definition

When it comes to melee sales, our valued clients appreciate the fair diamond melee prices we offer in tandem with our concierge level of service.

For example, when speaking with clients both new and old, we always ask what their tolerance is. It’s one of the top services we provide for our clients, and it’s one of their biggest complaints about their previous diamond melee suppliers.

Our diamond melee prices also reflect the fact that we guarantee 100% natural parcels. In some parts of the industry, there are legitimate concerns that synthetic and treated diamonds are being mixed into melee parcels. The good news is that, at K. Rosengart, you can put those concerns to rest.

Not only do all the site holders with whom we partner screen our diamonds prior to shipping, but we also do our own screening in our New York office. This analysis accurately and efficiently sorts and separates out any synthetic, simulant, or treated diamonds from the natural stones. In fact, our melee analysis is so good that our testing equipment detects CVD and HPHT colorless and near-colorless lab-made diamonds with 99% accuracy.

Our melee screening process also removes oddly shaped stones or those outside the size range. After this, the natural untreated diamonds are then separated into color sorting ranges.

Over the years, we have noticed a wide range of what diamond melee suppliers consider a true G color VS2. Here at K. Rosengart, we use that color and clarity as an example, but in general, when calling a particular color and clarity, we base our grading off GIA standards to ensure consistency. There seems to be a very broad range with other suppliers, and that becomes challenging when comparing diamond melee prices and goods.

At K. Rosengart, you can rest assured you’re getting the best melee merchandise at the best melee price.

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