Loose Diamond Supply

Quality. Consistency. Value. Integrity. Beauty.

When it comes to your loose diamond supply, you need all of these characteristics — and an unwavering commitment on the part of your source to delivering exceptional results, time after time. Find it with K. Rosengart. Fully staffed with GIA-certified specialists, you can be sure you are receiving the quality and continuity you need from your loose diamond supplier for successful, and profitable, pieces.

We draw from an incredibly large and diverse inventory of loose diamond products to ensure all stones meet your exact specifications. Each is cut with extreme precision and sorted under microscope in accordance with rigorous GIA standards.

This is true even of — especially of — melee diamonds. Though too small for most suppliers to bother grading, K. Rosengart assures you of the finest quality whether you choose these diminutive stones or larger loose diamond cuts. Our streamlined processes ensures that you waste no time or resources on unsuitable diamonds or rejections. Perfection — the first time and every time.

As always, every step of your order is executed in-house, from sorting and bagging loose diamonds to setting, polishing, and finishing pieces per your CAD design or castings. Quality assurance can be an issue with loose diamond products; inconsistency can derail your project timelines and even erode your brand image. Our team is committed to selecting the best diamonds for your needs. This in turns empowers you to deliver superlative service to your own customers.

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In addition to diamond melee of assorted size and quality, we provide:

White, cognac, and black rose loose diamond cuts.
Natural cognac, yellow, and black diamond full cuts.
Colored gemstones.
Ruby and sapphire melee.
GIA-certified larger goods.
Ideal cuts.
Hearts & Arrows diamonds/melee.

Conflict-free goods guarantee

K. Rosengart is a leader in loose diamond products, and our responsibility to provide conflict-free goods is one we do not take lightly. Our supplier – a Belgian site holder – has stated that +/- 80% of the rough we receive from them comes from three primary rough producers with whom they have contractual arrangements: 1) De Beers – goods are a blend of Botswana, South Africa, Canada, and Namibia rough, 2) Alrosa – Russian rough, and 3) Rio Tinto – Canadian rough. The balance comes from smaller mining houses such as Grib (Russia), Petra (South Africa), Mountain Province (Canada), and a few others. Of course, with the system of warranties, we always guarantee conflict-free goods.

The Belgian site holder’s manufacturing facility is located in southeast India, in a city called Coimbatore. All associated global entities are audited on a yearly basis by external organizations, such as the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), to ensure that the site holder is in fact a leading example when it comes to ethical standards, sustainability, and human rights.

At K. Rosengart, we work diligently, each day and with each order, to offer the best inventory and service in the industry. Quality is the difference.