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Our Certified Diamond Services

What if you had your own diamond department, fully staffed by GIA Certified Diamond Specialists with decades of experience in jewelry design, manufacturing, bench work, and stone setting? Imagine the efficiency, the convenience, the consistency, the value — and, most importantly, the quality — that in-house GIA-certified diamond specialists could deliver. With K. Rosengart, you can bring that business-building vision to life.

Consider us your resident diamond experts; our range of certified diamond services and attention to client needs transcends that of a typical diamond dealer. We are fully invested in your success — and will help you build it, one stone at a time. Order your Melee Diamonds Wholesale for your jewelry.

Partnerships as Strong as Diamonds

We offer a full array of diamond services that enable our valued clients to focus on what they do best: delivering products that their customers will cherish for a lifetime. They can do this with confidence, knowing that we will supply diamond melee that meets their exact specifications — and provide personalized support that exceeds their expectations.

Our goal is not to sell a parcel of stones; it is to forge strong, and sustainable, relationships with designers, manufacturers, retail store owners, buyers, and other professionals. By delivering consistent quality and pricing, and by paying meticulous attention to your unique needs, we seek to become trusted partners.


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